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JBT AeroTech Jetway Systems

Passenger Boarding Bridges at Airports

JBT AeroTech Jetway Systems® has been a world-leading provider of passenger boarding bridges, airport ground support equipment, airside gate equipment and related services for 50 years.

We have installed more than 7,000 Jetway® passenger boarding bridges, as well as ancillary equipment such as pre-conditioned air (PCA) and 400Hz ground power units, at more than 140 airports around the world. JBT AeroTech Jetway Systems provides the most cost-efficient airport gate operations worldwide.

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Passenger Boarding Bridges, PCA Units and Ground Power Units

Jetway passenger boarding bridges, PCA units and 400Hz ground power units make airport operations easy. As we are a single-source supplier for airport ground support and gate equipment, the project management and contract processes are greatly simplified. This also makes spare-part enquiries, technical support and warranty claims easier for the customer.

JBT AeroTech Jetway Systems' products include:

  • Jetway passenger boarding bridges and walkways
  • Jetaire® PCA units
  • Jetpower® 400Hz ground power units
  • Power-active line drop compensator (LDC) and gatebox
  • Apron management systems (AMS)
  • Baggage lifts
  • Jetflo® potable water cabinets
  • Commuter aircraft adaptable cab floors (CE floors)

Passenger boarding bridges, PCA units and ground power units
A glass Jetway apron-drive passenger boarding bridge, servicing an A380 aircraft at Vancouver International Airport.

PCA Units for Aircraft

Jetway Systems' Jetaire PCA units are electric, self-contained, automatically controlled units that provide ventilation (cooling or heating) and filtering to an aircraft's air supply during pre-flight and loading service. Mounted Jetaire PCA units save airlines hundreds of thousands of dollars in fuel consumption, reduce the level of pollution created by aircraft and eliminate ramp congestion.

Jetaire PCA units are easy to maintain. They can be mounted under or on top of the passenger boarding bridge, and operated from the cabin of the bridge.

The system can be sized and configured to perform in any climatic condition and is available in different capacities. Jetaire small-capacity units come in 20t, 30t, 50t and 60t sizes, while large-capacity units are available in 75t, 100t and 120t sizes.

PCA units for aircraft
100t preconditioned air unit (Jetaire) mounted on a Jetway passenger boarding bridge at Dallas Forth Worth International Airport.
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JBT AeroTech Jetway Systems
1805 West 2550
South Ogden
Tel: +1 801 627 6600
Fax: +1 801 629 3474
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